for the 3-5 minutes

I’m on that stage performing;

everyone in the audience

gets to see

the real Joseph. 


The Joseph M. Fannell Memorial Foundation hopes to sponsor and/or contribute to special events which highlight creative ministry, such as spoken word, poetry, mime and other talents and abilities.  To this end, we have created “Joe’s Cafe”, somewhat of an open mic showcase, where artists will be allowed to participate and perform.  The original Cafe was held in January, 2019 in honor of and in celebration of Joseph’s birthday, January 14. We hope to host and/or contribute to other Cafe’s throughout the country and year and are looking to hold our first Annual Gala this Fall, 2022. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor to this event, please let us know.

The Foundation implemented the JMF Performing Arts Competition, where youth and young adults from the ages of 10-22 are allowed to express their talents while competing for cash prizes. This year we were able to present over $6,000 in award money. We hope to host the competition annually in the month of October.

In addition we will issue scholarship awards and monetary assistance and guidance to help those further looking to pursue careers in the creative and performing arts. Our main scholarship award will be presented every June to graduating high school seniors, for both the fall and the spring semesters. Currently we are awarding one for the Creative Arts and one for the Performing Arts. We have also just announced that we will provide a Monetary Grant to those young adults who are pursuing a career in the performing arts and have a financial need to do so.

In 2021 we awarded a recurring scholarship award to a High School Senior at Northern Burlington High School, New Jersey (Joe’s alma mater) in June and to another student, nationwide, in July. In the future we hope to be able to award further scholarships, as we recognize the need is great. With your help and support we will be in a position to do so.

Look for the Scholarships and Grant tab for information and the application. Deadline to apply is May 1st, 2022.

Other awards and monetary assistance will also be presented as random acts, as funds are available.

The Memorial Fund is also looking to support and contribute to anti-bullying projects.  To this end, the Foundation previously partnered with No Bully and will consider partnership with other anti-bully organizations.

Current/Upcoming Events

Past Events

Joe’s Cafe

Sunday, January 23 – Joe’s Cafe – Prerecorded and live performances, open mic style.

29 for 29 Campaign

December 15 – January 14 – 29 for 29 Fundraising Campaign.

Please consider donating $29 for what would be Joseph’s 29th birthday, January 14th.

JMF Youth and Young Adults Performing Arts Competition

June 30 – July 24 – JMF Youth and Young Adults Performing Arts Competition.

The winners of the contest were announced August 12. They were as follows, 10-12, Lily Bradford; 13-16, Sanath Bhavankar (1st place); Laina Ramey (2nd place); 17-22, Te’Zheun Watson (1st place), Thalia Roberts (2nd place), Jasmine Livingston and Sarah Long (3rd place tie). In addition we had some awesome runner ups: Cydney Brown, Cortunay Minor, Nathan Wallace.

Silent Auction

June 2 – June 19, 2021 – JMF Virtual Silent Auction

December, 2020 – January, 2021 – 28 for 28

We are asking $28 for what would have been Joe’s 28th birthday, January 14. This fundraiser will go towards increasing the scholarship assistance and providing additional opportunities for youth and young adults to display their talents.

November, 2020 – Youth in the Performing Arts Virtual Competition, ages 10-15. Winners were announced December 12. The winners are, (10-12) 1st Place, Savas; 2nd Place, Lily Bradford; 3rd Place, Ayden Katsikis. (13-15) 1st Place, Sanath Bhavankar; 2nd Place, Laina Ramey; 3rd Place, Teresa Marshall.

JMF Youth in the Performing Arts Virtual Competition Finalists (10-12)
JMF Youth in the Performing Arts Virtual Competition Finalists (13-15)

October, 2020 ONGOING – Join with Joe’s Foundation and take a stand against bullying! Through its programs, No Bully’s mission is to eradicate bullying and cyberbullying worldwide.

July, 2020 – The first JMF Spoken Word Contest for young people, ages 16-22. Winners were announced on August 1st.

Saturday, January 18, 2020 – “Joe’s Gospel Cafe”  (First talent showcase for youth and young adults in honor of Joseph’s birthday, January 14).

On Friday, July 31st, 2015 the Memorial Fund sponsored its first Gospel Cafe for The Lion of Judah Church of God in Christ, in honor of Joseph.  Below is a video clip of his sister, Brandi, as she shares a poem.
“Untitled” by Brandi Fannell

If you are a creative artist or a group/church interested in hosting your own “Joe’s Gospel Cafe” and would like us to sponsor it, please let us know at