for the 3-5 minutes

I’m on that stage performing;

everyone in the audience

gets to see

the real Joseph. 



On the morning of June 4, 2015, Joseph M. Fannell was on his way to work when a driver ran a red light and struck his car broadside.  The next day, Friday, June 5, Joseph died as a result of injuries to the brain, he suffered in the crash. 


Just days following his tragic death, The Joseph M. Fannell Memorial Foundation Inc. “Joe’s Legendary Fund or The Fund” was established to create and support programs to help young people overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.


Joseph’s passion was spoken word and performance-based poetry. The Foundation honors Joe’s legacy by providing scholarships and other financial assistance to young people with a dedicated interest in creative and performing arts. We also host talent competitions where cash prizes are rewarded to the top performers. Over the past two years, the Foundation has awarded over $10,000 to talented youth.  Beyond the financial support, we also create platforms for young people to share their talent and creativity with a broader audience. 


The Foundation also contributes to programs that provide support and guidance to those who have been or are being bullied. Joseph was bullied in high school and he wanted to share his experiences with high schoolers who are victims of bullying and encourage them to seek and receive help.  We are dedicated to furthering Joe’s desire to put an end to bullying.


To support the work of the Memorial Fund and to help keep Joe’s memory alive, use the link below to donate by Paypal or text JMFFund to 53-555. Or you can simply visit the “How You Can Help Us” tab on this website to hear other ways!

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