for the 3-5 minutes

I’m on that stage performing;

everyone in the audience

gets to see

the real Joseph. 

Joseph Malik Fannell was born on January 14, 1993 in Queens, New York.  He is the third child and the only son of Jeffery and Evelyn Fannell; a brother to Brandi and Jasmine; and the only uncle to Christian.

Joseph, was affectionately known to many as “Jo Jo.” He had a sweet spirit and gentle smile that left a lasting impression on all who came to know him.

Joseph possessed a variety of talents.  He enjoyed drawing, gaming, singing, and he could even play the keyboard (by ear) when he wanted to, but his greatest passion by far was writing. At the age of nine, Joseph wrote a story called “The Neighborhood.” Later on he went on to write countless poems.

When Joseph was no more than 2 or 3 years old he was an expert at operating a VCR.  He would pop in the

videotape of “Jurassic Park” and watch it over and over and over again! Later on, as the family relocated first to Englewood and then Columbus, New Jersey, Joseph played Little League Baseball and organized basketball.

By the time Joseph entered Northern Burlington Regional High School, he had begun to develop his artistic side, most notably his talent as a poet. Sharpening his skill at memorizing, he quickly became a fan of spoken word artists (performance-based poetry), and he would go around to various classes reciting what he had heard, before his classmates and peers.

Soon he was performing spoken word routines at his church, On Good Ground Christian Fellowship, and at other churches in New Jersey and Virginia.  Joseph’s performances moved and inspired young and old alike.

Joseph’s favorite TV shows were “Lost” and “Supernatural”. He also loved America’s Got Talent, and was invited to submit his own videotaped audition, but he wanted to actually go and audition in person. (It was something about being in the crowd).

Joe’s favorite movie was “John Q.”   The movie was about a father whose son needed a heart replacement and since insurance would not cover it, he took the matter into his own hands by holding the hospital hostage and forcing them to perform the procedure. Joseph would always compare himself to the son, and remark how his dad would do the same thing for him.

Joe liked coffee ice cream with chocolate sprinkles (very often as a late night snack), baby back ribs, his Dad’s macaroni and cheese and his Mom’s baked ziti.  He also loved lounging around the house in his bathrobe, no matter the temperature or the time of day.

And, of course, Joseph loved dressing in bright, vibrant colors, capped off with his signature bow ties. (Joe had recently sent a text to his mom of how he had just purchased 30 bowties, to add to his collection). The bowtie has since become the trademark and logo for Joseph’s Memorial Fund.

Most of all, Joseph knew and loved God, having committed his life years ago to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Joseph Malik Fannell

Tell Them
(Originally written and performed by Carvens Lissaint)

Beauty Part III
(Originally written and performed by Carvens Lissaint)

(Originally written and performed by Rudy Francisco)

Count On It
(Originally written and performed by Miles Hodges)

(Originally written and performed by Carvens Lissaint)

I Promise
(Written by Joshua Bennett)

Strong Woman
(Written by Rudy Francisco)
About Us
The Joseph M. Fannell Memorial Foundation Inc

On the morning of June 4, 2015, Joseph M. Fannell was on his way to work when a driver ran a red light and struck his car broadside. The next day, Friday, June 5, Joseph died as a result of injuries to the brain, he suffered in the crash.

Just days following his tragic death, The Joseph M. Fannell Memorial Foundation Inc was established to create and support programs to help young people overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

While Joseph found enjoyment “working among lawyers” Joseph’s passion was spoken word and performance-based poetry. The family hopes to continue his life and memory by hosting special events and supporting young people in creative ministry, such as spoken word, poetry, music and the performing arts.

In addition, as one who was bullied, Joseph wanted to share his experiences with those in high school who may be the victims of bullying. He wanted to encourage students to seek help to overcome bullying and achieve their goals in school and beyond. To realize Joe’s dream, the Fund will also contribute to programs that provide support and guidance to those who have been or are being bullied.  To this end, the Fund once partnered with No Bully, one of the nation’s preeminent anti-bullying organization, eliminating incidents of bullying while serving hundreds of schools and over 250,000 students.


To support the work of the Foundation and to help keep Joe’s memory alive, send your contribution to The Joseph M. Fannell Memorial Foundation, 10926 Quality Drive, PO Box 411291, Charlotte, NC 28278-1291,  or use the link below to donate by Paypal or by going to  You can also donate by clicking Givelify, via CashApp @$JMFFoundation, or Zelle @609-233-4310.

In addition, you can support Joe’s Foundation whenever you shop on Simply shop Amazon/Smile and choose The Joseph M. Fannell Memorial Foundation as your charity, and 0.5% of your purchase will be automatically donated.

If you sell goods or merchandise on Ebay, you can also support Joe’s Foundation indirectly, simply by choosing The Joseph M. Fannell Memorial Foundation as your charity and selecting a portion of your proceeds to automatically be deducted from your proceeds.  You can choose to donate from 10 to 100%.

You can also create your own fundraiser on Facebook for your birthday or for any reason, any day and have your friends contribute as well.

Either way you choose, we appreciate and value your support!!!

Sometimes I get so into it, that when it’s over… I forget that I was even saying anything.

Joe "Through The Years"
Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight...

For all you are, for all you were, we love you, Joe!

I feel different when I’m up there. Like… that’s what I was made fo…”

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Evelyn Fannell

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Jeff Fannell


Brandi Fannell

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